February 1, 2023

๐ŸŽ™ Akur8 expands its global footprint in 2022

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Interviewย with Brune De Linares, Chief Client Officer at Akur8


At Akur8, our mission is to empower P&C and health insurers in their transformation journey by helping them enhance their pricing process. We are extremely proud to already partner with more than 80 insurance carriers worldwide since Akur8โ€™s inception in 2018.

In 2022, our customer success team expanded Akur8โ€™s global footprint by signing 40 new clients in five different continents, clearly demonstrating a global need for efficient and transparent insurance pricing tools. Akur8 successfully diversified its client portfolio by expanding its business across multiple insurers and lines of business, including insurtechs, health, travel, auto, home and pet insurers.

In this interview, Brune De Linares, Chief Client Officer at Akur8, looks back on a year of incredible growth.


How would you best sum up the year 2022?

2022 was an incredible year for Akur8 as we continued to build a strong foundation and serve customers around the world. We expanded our global presence by opening three new offices in Milan, Cologne and Tokyo, in addition to our existing locations in Paris, London and New York. Doing so allows us to better serve our customers with continuous. support, and to improve our responsiveness to their needs.

In addition to expanding our physical presence, we supported more than 80+ customers globally in 2022, enabling us to enter new markets including Canada (Promutuel), Brazil (Bradesco) and South Africa (King Price). This growth has been instrumental in increasing our brand awareness in new regions, and further developing our customer base in 2023.


What is your strategy for 2023? Which will be the key growth markets in your opinion?

Weโ€™re definitely looking to build on the momentum we have gained this year. We have a number of new features in the pipeline that we believe will be well received by customers and help us to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction that have contributed to our success.

In terms of key growth markets for 2023, I am really excited about the opening of our new office in Tokyo. It will serve as a strategic hub for our expansion in the APAC region, where we currently have contracts with multiple large customers such as AXA Tianping and MS&AD. Japan is a major player in the Asian insurance market, and our presence in the country will allow us to better serve our customers and expand our reach in that region.

In addition, the United States will continue to be a key growth driver for Akur8 in 2023. We already have more than 10 customers in the US, successfully demonstrating that our solution is a great fit for the market. With a total premium volume of more than one trillion, this large and established market presents a significant growth opportunity for us. Furthermore, the competitive nature of the market, with lots of small and large players seeking to gain marketshare, also plays into our expertise. I strongly believe that Akur8 provides a competitive edge to US insurers of all sizes and lines of business, empowering them through our solution to make better informed decisions and to react more quickly to rapidly evolving market trends.


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About Brune De Linares

Brune is Chief Client Officer at Akur8. She started her career at IBM and spent more than 10 years in consulting and sales management positions for complex products, including Cloud and AI solutions. She left IBM to join Google Cloud where she spent 2 years in commercial roles building strategic contracts with large retailers. She has deep experience in B2B large enterprise sales, go-to-market strategy and sales organization management. She joined Akur8 to lead global business development and marketing.


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