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Actuarial Modernization


In this session Thomas Holmes, Chief Actuary for the US at Akur8, and Jen Jabben, Senior Manager at EY, address the timely transition of small or traditional actuarial teams into the realm of predictive modeling. They explore the unique obstacles these teams face, such as resource limitations, juggling multiple roles, and the scarcity of experienced predictive modelers. The focus then shifts to solutions to transform these constraints into opportunities. The presentation underscores the importance of intuitive tech solutions, effective governance, partnerships, and strategic stakeholder engagement in facilitating this transformative journey, ultimately aiming to empower every actuary in this digital age.


Staying Ahead in a High Inflation Era: Strategies for Actuaries and Data Scientists in Insurance


As the dust settles on the initial surge of inflation yet its impact persists, how can insurance professionals keep up with the changing trends and preemptively address the challenges? What are the ripple effects of enduring inflation and how does it redefine our strategies? Join us as we dissect the intricate landscape of persistent inflation, focusing on the unique hurdles it poses for insurers and innovative strategies to navigate them.


Akur8 at ITC Vegas


Akur8’s CEO Samuel Falmagne and Chief Client Officer Brune de Linares host jointly with Milliman’s Principal Sheri Scott the panel discussion “Insurance Pricing and Underwriting Innovation - A Strategic Imperative.” This powerhouse session explores how to use technology-enabled tools and data to swiftly bring insurance pricing front and center of strategic decisions, with maximum upside, and offers actionable insights from real case studies of insurance players that have made pricing a strategic pillar with tangible business impact.

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