We are Akur8

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Our vision

We revolutionize insurance pricing
with transparent AI

Our mission

We help actuaries and pricing teams make better decisions, faster

Our ambition

We aim to become the global leader
in insurance pricing
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Our values

We remain faithful
to our core values

We challenge the unbearable status quo

We strive for innovation and for the transformation of the insurance industry. But we command change only when it is needed and has genuine virtuous impact.

We disrupt the known, organize the unknown

We work without borders. We have the ability to challenge ourselves to adapt to unknown scenarios, in all kinds of contexts. We thrive in structuring what is hardly structurable.

We are AI-driven but refreshingly human

Akur8 is an artificially-intelligent solution but humanity always comes first, within our team, with our clients and with our solution. Our AI is Transparent and human-controlled.

We build things that last

We build long-standing, robust and reliable solutions for new and century-old insurance companies. We are here to stay.

Key figures

Active users
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Akur8 is a multinational company with offices in Paris, New York, London, Milan, Cologne and Tokyo. 
Our senior management team comes from a broad spectrum of industries including insurance, strategy consulting, technology and more. They are focused on the ongoing development and growth of a healthy and respectful management culture.
At Akur8, we believe diversity is a prerequisite to delivering superior value. Our employees have a wide range of backgrounds including academically, professionally, geographically and gender related. We remain dedicated to building a culture that is inclusive and that enables our talent to thrive and grow. We recruit with this in mind and are committed to hiring diverse candidates globally.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Akur8, we are committed to building an inclusive working environment where everyone can be themselves. Diversity & inclusion are not only at the core of our values, but also at the heart of the team that we have built and are continuing to grow.

We are incredibly proud of our exceptional international team with 26 nationalities represented and more than 20 languages spoken… and counting!

46% of our employees are non-French.

As a diverse and inclusive company, Akur8 is committed to closing the gender gap in the tech space, where women currently represent one in four employees. In June 2022, Akur8 and 100+ start-ups signed the Parity Pact initiated by the collective La French Tech.

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Key figures about our employees

women in the Executive Committee
women in the workforce
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We recruit different profiles across our 5 offices.

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