Akur8 for Insurtechs

Implement a robust pricing process to reach ambitious growth targets and support a fast product life cycle
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New challenges for Insurtechs

Insurtechs need a pricing platform that is fast, safe and easy to implement. They require robust yet flexible pricing processes to match the fast pace of their product development cycle. And all of this with scarce actuarial resources, small teams and limited historical data. 

Boost your pricing process

Go faster

Accelerate pricing time-to-market from weeks to hours thanks to our cloud-based SaaS solution powered by proprietary transparent ML. We leverage cloud technology to parallelize tasks and projects. Akur8 automates variable groupings, variable selection, interactions and geo-modeling, and automatically generates documentation.

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Start now

The Akur8 platform allows Insurtechs to build production-ready models from day 1. The interface is intuitive and graphical, allowing your teams to learn fast and become operational quickly. You can start with small datasets and enrich your models with external data.

Scale safely

Implement a safe and easily scalable pricing framework that can support your next phase of growth. Grant access to the platform for an unlimited number of users, and in case of employee turnover or team downscaling, keep your models safe and traceable thanks to the documentation feature and cloud storage. The platform also helps to spot potentially costly mistakes, and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.

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They implemented the solution

“Akur8 is a best-in-class pricing solution. The results we observed during the pilot phase are speaking for themselves, with dramatic reduction in modeling time and more predictive power of the models. This will both accelerate our time-to-market and improve our pricing accuracy, bringing substantial value to our partners and the end-customer, in a time that requires ever more reactivity and transparency.”

Discover the use case

“Working with Akur8 and a new pricing solution will help us further improve our time-to-market and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience as we continue to grow”.

Discover the use case

”As a fully-digital real-time insurer, partnering with the best-in-class solution on the market is of tremendous value to us and our customers. Time to market is a core KPI for our central product factory. We’ve brought it down from months to a few weeks already. Akur8 will help us to further reduce the time to market for new tariffs to a couple of days. wefox Insurance and Akur8 are both committed to bringing more speed and fairness to their customers.”

Discover the use case
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