Boost your insurance pricing with our Transparent AI solution

Akur8 leverages the power of Machine Learning & predictive analytics to inject game-changing speed and accuracy to insurers’ pricing process while maintaining full transparency, auditability and control over the models created.
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100+ insurers worldwide boost their pricing with Akur8

Empower your pricing team with flexible & transparent AI

Empower your actuarial pricing team to build highly predictive models in record time and to make better decisions, faster. To unlock even more value and provide you with full flexibility, Akur8 is API-enabled: you can explore data sources faster, build your own features and fully integrate the solution within your pricing process.

Why Akur8?
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Switch to a fast, accurate and safe rate making with absolute control on your models

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Make your pricing process 10x faster

Accelerate pricing time-to-market from weeks to hours thanks to our cloud-based SaaS solution powered by proprietary, transparent AI. We leverage cloud technology to run multiple tasks and projects in parallel. Akur8 automates variable groupings, variable selection, interactions and geo-modeling, and auto-generates documentation.

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Improve your predictive power

Leverage the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to make better, more accurate predictions. Unlock direct loss ratio improvement thanks to your models’ performance improvement.

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Ensure full compliance with local regulations

Rely on robust and safe methodology, built-in transparency, auditability and control. While typical machine learning models are blackbox, making them unfit to use in production on pricing applications, Akur8 transparent AI-powered algorithms are fully transparent, auditable, editable and production-ready.

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They implemented the solution

Munich Re

”Akur8’s strengths, pivoting on the commodification of prediction power, allow for what we call “The third wave” of insurance pricing: while keeping full control on the process, most of the time of the domain expert is spent on understanding the problem and applying the right solution, not in tedious repetitive modeling tasks.”

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Generali FR

”Akur8’s value very quickly came to light. Modeling speed is 5x faster, while keeping a thoroughly transparent and auditable process. The user-friendliness of the interface and the collaborative aspect of it are a great asset for the team, making it very easy-to-use, while enhancing internal communication. The responsiveness of the Akur8 team also was instrumental in our very fast learning curve.”

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Axa Spain

“Akur8 allows for a reduction in modeling time, enabling us to build new prices much faster and significantly decreasing our time-to-market, while increasing the productivity of our team.”

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On a combined ratio basis we’d be looking at a 6% improvement in our performance based on the work we did with Akur8. That’s a huge improvement for us, and is basically the difference between the class of business being loss making and performing well.”
Product Director at Vave, Canopius Group
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