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We revolutionize insurance pricing with transparent AI

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We help actuarial and pricing teams make better decisions, faster

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We aim to become the global leader in insurance pricing
Portrait of Samuel Falmagne, CEO at Akur8

Samuel Falmagne, CEO


The year 2022 was, in every sense, exceptional for Akur8. Despite the difficult macro-economic context affecting the global tech industry, Akur8 achieved record growth (+100% YoY), demonstrating our agility and confirming the value of our product. Our success was also supported by the resilience of the insurance industry itself in times of crisis. In addition to producing excellent results, we also enhanced our product offering with the introduction of our RATE module, and improved the reliability, security and stability of our platform.

These achievements have been made possible thanks to a committed, robust and diverse team, which grew substantially this past year from 70 to over 100 employees, representing 28 nationalities and more than 23 languages. This global diversity is extremely important and valuable to us as a company, and supports our international development. Our global footprint has also expanded, with new office openings in Milan, Cologne and Tokyo. We are now physically present in six countries across three continents.

2023 will be another critical year for Akur8. We will continue to scale our business, solidify and grow our company culture and values, and deliver on our purpose to “transform insurance pricing with Transparent AI.” I strongly believe that this is a prerequisite for success. Building a company is a long journey with ups and downs, but Akur8 is now well positioned to fully achieve its potential and meet new challenges in 2023.


Expanding our global footprint

At Akur8, our mission is to empower P&C and health insurers in their transformation journey by helping them enhance their pricing process. We are extremely proud to already partner with more than 80 insurance carriers worldwide since Akur8’s inception in 2018.

In 2022, our customer success team expanded Akur8’s global footprint by signing 40 new clients in five different continents, clearly demonstrating a global need for efficient and transparent insurance pricing tools.

Akur8 successfully diversified its customer portfolio by expanding its business across multiple insurers and lines of business, including insurtechs, health, travel, auto, home and pet insurers.

2022 key figures

Portrait of Brune De Linares, Chief Client Officer at Akur8

Brune De Linares,
Chief Client Officer

I am really excited about the opening of our new office in Tokyo. It will serve as a strategic hub for our expansion in the APAC region, where we currently have contracts with multiple large customers such as AXA Tianping and MS&AD.

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80+ insurers worldwide boost their pricing with Akur8


An End-to-End Pricing Platform
Made by Actuaries for Actuaries

Akur8 supports pricing experts at every step of the pricing process. Since 2018, our expert team of software developers, data scientists and actuaries have been building an end-to-end pricing platform, which provides a comprehensive modular approach to pricing.

Our main focus in 2022 was adding the third module - Rate - to the existing pricing suite. Rate empowers pricing experts to build commercial premiums with the best and most informed pricing decisions based on the team’s business objectives.

In addition, we offered our solution through API to ensure a great user experience with maximum flexibility. Introducing API’s empowers customers to increase efficiency by boosting automation capabilities. This in turn accelerates their ability to explore and leverage data sources and build their own features for greater customization, while fully integrating Akur8 within their existing pricing pipeline.

2022 key figures

Features released

The future of actuaries in pricing is likely to involve a greater use of data science techniques to analyze and understand data, and to develop more accurate and sophisticated models for pricing insurance products and other financial instruments.

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Portrait of Joanna Chardon, Chief Data Science and Insurance Officer at Akur8

Joanna Chardon,
Chief Data Science & Insurance Officer

Portrait of Joanna Chardon, Chief Data Science and Insurance Officer at Akur8

Guillaume Beraud-Sudreau, Founder & Chief Actuary

Our goal is to give actuaries tools to interact with all stakeholders in their companies and provide clear and convincing explanations on the pricing decisions they suggest.

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We are AI-driven but refreshingly human

Akur8 is a truly global team with 28 nationalities represented and more than 23 languages spoken.

We believe diversity is a prerequisite to delivering superior value. Our employees have a wide range of backgrounds academically, professionally and geographically. We’ve  worked hard to close the gender gap as well. We remain dedicated to building a culture that is inclusive and that enables our talent to thrive and grow. We recruit with this in mind and are committed to hiring diverse candidates globally.

2022 key figures

International offices

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Akur8 teammates

We are proud of everything
we accomplished in 2022!

Thank you to all of our amazing customers and partners for putting your trust in us and helping us grow.

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