Akur8 for Health insurers

Improve your models’ predictive power, leverage behavioral data and customize your hypotheses
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New challenges for Health insurers

The health insurance market is undergoing significant transformation and pressure due to the rising costs of healthcare, the crowded competitive landscape with new entrants rewriting the rules, and changing regulations. Health insurance rate-making is highly dependent on local regulations and customer behavior, calling for a high level of expertise. As a result, pricing sophistication is a key component of the health insurers’ strategy.

Boost your pricing process

Improve your models’ predictive power

Even with heterogeneous or imperfect data, the power of machine learning can generate substantial gains in predictive power. Leverage Akur8 to build stronger models, unlocking significant loss ratio improvement potential.

Model generation diagram
Hypothesis customization diagram

Leverage behavioral data and customize your hypotheses

The flexibility of Akur8 enables actuarial teams to include customer behavioral data and to customize hypotheses (medical cost inflation, customers purchasing habits, etc.) in order to make the most of their health industry knowledge and expertise.

Tailor your models to fit local market specificities

Understanding local regulation is a key component of health insurance rate-making. Our health insurance clients in different geographies tailor and customize models as needed based on local health regulatory specificities. 

Variable selection diagram
Pricing optimization diagram

Generate business value even in highly regulated markets

Even in highly regulated markets, where a limited number of variables can be used for pricing, Akur8 brings significant value to health insurers. Beyond pricing activities, the platform generates powerful analytics to predict and monitor portfolio performance as well as facilitate governance.

Manage multiple models on one platform

Akur8 enables actuaries and pricing analysts to build, manage and update a large number of models on the same platform, bringing game-changing efficiency and consistency to the pricing process.

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They implemented the solution

“Akur8 allows for a reduction in modeling time, enabling us to build new prices much faster and significantly decreasing our time-to-market, while increasing the productivity of our team.”

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