June 6, 2022

👩‍🦰 👨 Akur8 commits to gender parity with La French Tech

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Akur8 is proud to announce that it has signed the #PacteParité from @LaFrenchTech to accelerate towards more gender parity in the tech industry. Akur8 joins more than 60 French start-ups (e.g.Alan, Qonto, Descartes, Luko, Swile) that have already signed this initiative.

Today, women represent only one in four employees in the technology sector. As a diverse and inclusive company, Akur8 is fully committed to contribute to closing this gender gap. 

In this Pacte Parité, Akur8 commits to the following objectives:

  1. Reach a minimum threshold of 20% women within our Board by 2025, then 40% by 2028
  2. Train all Akur8 managers on the issues of diversity and the fight against harassment and discrimination by the end of the year
  3. Ensure that all job descriptions published by Akur8 are aimed at both female and male profiles
  4. Form a gender diverse team of representatives who can speak externally and internally on behalf of Akur8
  5. Set up specific support for each employee on their return from parental leave by the end of the year

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