December 8, 2022

🎉 Akur8 announces actuaries Ashley Bybee and Jan Küthe have qualified for the quarter finals of the Young Actuary World Cup

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The global competition, organized by the International Association of Actuaries (IAA), aims to engage young actuaries under 35 on topical issues and to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their skills.  

Participants were invited to submit a video with their own interpretation of the theme “Bridge to Tomorrow”.

“The actuary's role in closing the economic gap” by Ashley Bybee

The world is having growing problems - inequality, climate impact, supply chain disruptions. There is increasing uncertainty in these challenging times, but as actuaries we are able to work at the core of these challenges to promote change. Fortunately, the quality and quantity of data is improving faster than ever before. Actuarial science can leverage these datasets for meaningful insights in order to launch impactful insurance products. These new products will drive societal advancements and help close the economic gap.

About Ashley

Ashley is a US Business Development Lead at Akur8. Ashley is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and has a M.S in Actuarial Science from Columbia University. She started her career as a consulting actuary before transitioning into the insurtech world. At Akur8, Ashley works with leading insurance carriers to empower their teams with greater pricing sophistication and transform their pricing process with Transparent Machine Learning.

“Who can save the world - if not actuaries?!” by Jan Küthe

Doing math will be an integral part in solving current and future challenges to humankind. Especially actuarial sciences work at the centre of improving resilience to disruption - be it socially or environmentally.

About Jan

Jan is an Actuary, certified by the DAV (German Association of Actuaries) from Germany and works at Akur8 as an Actuarial Data Scientist to help insurance companies unlock the potentials of twenty-first century pricing methods. Prior to Akur8, he worked in a global Actuarial Consultancy for three years. He holds a Master degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn and is an avid reader of the books of Anna Seghers and Dietmar Dath.

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