Life at Akur8

Akur8 will provide you with the numerous advantages of a tech scale-up environment: agility, innovation, flexibility, autonomy, and genuine empowerment. Each employee is set to contribute to Akur8’s development and success, by leveraging their skills and thriving in a challenging, motivating and warm-welcoming environment. Our team is international by nature with 20 nationalities represented and 16 languages spoken.

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Inclusion & diversity at Akur8

At Akur8, we pride ourselves in having an exceptionally international team with 20 nationalities represented and 16 languages spoken. Inclusion & diversity are core values to us, that go beyond words.
We are very happy to work with Gloria to ensure that these values are true not only on paper but also in our company DNA.
We do so by regularly sharing on these topics, broadening the horizons of our teams and understanding what is at stake, and making sure we always stay true to these values.

The Akur8 team members: women and men with a large diversity of ethnicities;An illustration of Rosa park, with blue coat, blue hat and orange shirt, sited in a bus looking through the window;Logos of  Akur8 and Gloria