Yuzzu significantly decreased the time spent in risk modeling




Offer more personalized and affordable prices for a simpler and smoother customer journey


Significant time reduction in risk modeling


“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Akur8, which we believe is an advanced and effective solution in the P&C retail market for risk modeling. The results we observed during the 2-week pilot were compelling, considering both our prediction indicators and the significant time reduction in risk modeling. Above all, we expect it to be of great value for our customers, with increased personalization and targeted pricing, contributing to offering them a fair insurance policy.”

François Moyrand, Head of Products, Pricing & Analytics at Yuzzu

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Drive business value by bringing your end-to-end pricing process to the next level

Akur8 is the only technology on the market that automates the generation of production-ready GAM/GLMs. Thanks to its unique proprietary algorithms, it delivers tremendous business value by unlocking untapped combined ratio improvement. 

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Madison Mutual


"MMIC is elated by our partnership with Akur8 and the potential it holds to drive our company’s digital transformational journey in insurance pricing. Akur8’s innovative technology aligns seamlessly with Madison Mutual’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and optimizing pricing capabilities.”

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Western Reserve Group


"We found insightful interactions after one day of modeling with Akur8’s insurance pricing solution. Leveraging this user-friendly and transparent platform will enable our pricing team to build better models faster across more lines of business."

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"Pour Ornikar, il est essentiel de créer une offre d'assurance compétitive et différenciée adaptée à sa clientèle cible : les jeunes conducteurs. Akur8 nous est apparu comme la solution la plus performante pour apporter souplesse et rapidité tout en garantissant la solidité des modèles de tarification nécessaires à Ornikar"

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