ManyPets reduced its modeling time with Akur8


Boost the insurtech’s pricing capabilities with fast and transparent automated modeling


Modeling time reduced to a couple of hours


“Working with Akur8 and a new pricing solution will help us further improve our time-to-market and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience as we continue to grow”.

Charlotte Halkett, CCO at ManyPets

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“We are very pleased with Akur8’s performance. It will allow us to improve our modeling performance and to boost our speed-to-market to fuel our ambitious growth plans”

Charlotte Ball, Pricing Lead at ManyPets

Actuaries working with Akur8 solution

Drive business value by bringing your end-to-end pricing process to the next level

Akur8 is the only technology on the market that automates the generation of production-ready GAM/GLMs. Thanks to its unique proprietary algorithms, it delivers tremendous business value by unlocking untapped combined ratio improvement. 

Why Akur8?

Other use cases


Canal Insurance


“Speed wins in our business. Using Akur8’s solution allows our pricing actuaries to build models more quickly, giving us more time for testing and, more importantly, improving speed to market on our product offerings.”

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Next Insurance


"Together with Akur8, we’re able to further innovate upon our current capabilities to deliver even more accuracy, speed and efficiency at scale for NEXT’s growing customer bases."

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Madison Mutual


"MMIC is elated by our partnership with Akur8 and the potential it holds to drive our company’s digital transformational journey in insurance pricing. Akur8’s innovative technology aligns seamlessly with Madison Mutual’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and optimizing pricing capabilities.”

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