Canopius Vave achieved a 6% combined ratio improvement




Match Canopius’ clients’ needs and adapt prices to a dynamic marketplace


+6% Combined Ratio Improvement


“Akur8 has a great solution to a problem that we have – converting data into underwriting actions and so it makes perfect sense for us to work with them.”

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“On a combined ratio basis we’d be looking at a 6% improvement in our performance based off the work we did with Akur8. That’s a huge improvement for us, and is basically the difference between the class of business being loss making and performing well.”

Product Director at Vave, Canopius Group

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Drive business value by bringing your end-to-end pricing process to the next level

Akur8 is the only technology on the market that automates the generation of production-ready GAM/GLMs. Thanks to its unique proprietary algorithms, it delivers tremendous business value by unlocking untapped combined ratio improvement. 

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Bass underwriters


“Providing efficient, reliable and consistent pricing creates a win-win for the risk taker and agent. Having the ability to improve risk pricing by running complex models and updating those models as new data comes in at any moment is a game changer for us, and a competitive differentiator. It is crucial for the rapidly changing E&S marketplace.”

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“Akur8 helps us continue to strive for technical sophistication and empowers us to deliver valuable insurance solutions to our customers more efficiently while ensuring utmost transparency and control. We believe Akur8 will not only be an important asset to our team’s work along the whole pricing value chain, but also of great value to our customers for providing increased personalization and targeted pricing in a dynamic marketplace.”

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HDI Seguros


“This alliance with Akur8 is another proof point of our tech and digital DNA. Embracing best-in-class technology to ensure faster, more accurate and fully transparent ratemaking is a key differentiator and HDI Seguros is excited to lead the way”.

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