Improve your risk modeling by leveraging the power of Transparent AI


Quickly generate, select and adjust your models

Akur8 enables you to easily upload, visualize and prepare your data, to create new variables and to automate GAM/GLM modeling. Our proprietary Transparent AI saves users significant time during this first phase, allowing them to focus on other high-value tasks. Maximum flexibility and expert judgment is allowed thanks to the ‘Edit coefficient’ feature, where actuaries can manually adjust segments by using the graphical interface or by manually setting the values.

Akur8 model generation diagram
Akur8 variable modeling diagram

Enrich models with interactions, geography and external data

Akur8 allows you to enrich your models with automated interactions between variables, automated geography and external data exploration, as well as vehicle classification - all within one solution.


Aggregate models to compute pure premiums

Using the Risk module you can aggregate models to compute  policies’ pure premiums, easily extract the rating structure, and automate documentation exports for audit and compliance purposes.

Akur8 data aggregation diagram
Akur8 fillings export diagram
File (US-specific)

Automate the state documentation filings

In the US, insurers rate plans must comply with specific regulations for each of the 50 states. With Akur8, the pain of compiling documentation is over. Our exclusive rate filing feature automates the documentation for every state.

They implemented the solution

“Akur8 allows for a reduction in modeling time, enabling us to build new prices much faster and significantly decreasing our time-to-market, while increasing the productivity of our team.”

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“Working with Akur8 and a new pricing solution will help us further improve our time-to-market and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience as we continue to grow”.

Discover the use case

”Akur8’s value very quickly came to light. Modeling speed is 5x faster, while keeping a thoroughly transparent and auditable process. The user-friendliness of the interface and the collaborative aspect of it are a great asset for the team, making it very easy-to-use, while enhancing internal communication. The responsiveness of the Akur8 team also was instrumental in our very fast learning curve.”

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