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Akur8 has built-in high quality support from our actuarial and data science teams, from pilot stage all the way to implementation and daily use.

Actuary onboarding with Akur8 team

Schedule a demo with our actuarial data scientists

Because you have to see it to believe it, we are always excited to demo Akur8. The demo can be adapted to your company’s needs, goals, pricing sophistication level and business lines, to ensure maximum relevance.

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Solution discovery with live demo

Run a free pilot to try out the solution with your own data

We offer insurers and partners the opportunity to try out our solution during a free 2-week pilot. Based on the pain points you want to solve, our support team of actuarial data scientists will help you define the pilot scope and objectives, and validate the benefits of Akur8 for your business. They will provide you with extensive training and support along the way.

We are proud to say that over 80% of insurers who run a pilot decide to deploy Akur8!

Test of the solution with live support during pilot
Get trained

Become proficient with Akur8 during the first weeks

Onboarding is offered to support new users during solution deployment. Over the first few weeks, we provide training for actuaries and managers and support the solution roll-out. Several teams can be onboarded. Training is tailored to the teams’ capabilities and needs. We will organize custom on-demand deep-dives on specific topics. Onboarding is continuously offered to new users of the Akur8 platform. 

Live training during onboarding
Get support

We back you up every day.

An actuarial data scientist will be assigned to your team as a single point of contact to orchestrate the support for your company, proactively demonstrate new features & improvements, and collect your ongoing feedback. For technical questions regarding your modeling projects, the chat icon allows your pricing experts to directly contact Akur8’s actuaries and data scientists at any time. The team is happy to answer any questions you have about our software or to deep-dive into a specific feature or use case!

Continuous live support with Akur8 team

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no time and limited resources. Can I still test Akur8?

Our pilots are completely free of charge and only require 1 to 2 people part-time for approximately 2 weeks. Tell us your challenges and we'll help you work through them!

I’ve already invested in a tool, will Akur8 be compatible with it?

Akur8 doesn’t need IT integration! It’s plug-and-play, is directly accessible via web-browser, and is compatible in input and output with most market solutions. The speed and performance value it brings to your team comes at no cost to your current IT ecosystem.

What is the cost of your solution?

The pilots we offer are completely free of charge and are typically two weeks in length. After that, implementing Akur8’s solution is simple. There are no integration costs and there is zero ramp up time needed. Once the solution is deployed (and unlike most SaaS players), we offer unlimited access to Akur8’s platform, which is collaborative by nature, so all pricing team members can use it. We do not charge per-user licenses. Pricing depends on the volume of insurance premiums being modeled on our platform, and includes regular updates & solution upgrades, the underlying infrastructure, ongoing support by our actuarial data scientist team, and technical governance.

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