Cologne, Germany
From April 22 to April 23

21st Annual Conference: “Focus on Mobility and Motor Vehicle Insurance”

While challenges remain, a variety of measures, including rate adjustments, strategic partnerships and the adoption of innovative technologies, are essential for the auto insurance industry to move toward profitability in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.

Jan Küthe will participate in a panel discussion on the topic of "AI-supported pricing - the success factor of the future?"

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Featured speaker:
Jan Küthe, Actuarial Data Scientist, Akur8
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Portrait of Jan Küthe, Actuarial Data Scientist at Akur8
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Jan Küthe, Actuarial Data Scientist, Akur8

Jan Küthe is an Actuary (DAV) from Germany and works at Akur8 as an Actuarial Data Scientist to help insurance companies unlock the potentials of the twenty-first century. Before that he has been working as an Actuarial Consultant for three years. He holds a Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn and is an avid reader of the books of Anna Seghers and Dietmar Dath.