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Meet our fantastic Sales, Actuarial Data Science
& Partnerships team

Brune de Linares

Chief of Sales

"My team has different profiles from Data scientists to actuaries, to consultants and sales, all aligned to truly satisfy our customers."

Boriana Trifonova

Head of Sales US

"What I love about working at Akur8 is the balance between structure and the energy of a dynamic team that's constantly innovating while keeping a strong sense of camaraderie."

Félix d'Alançon

Partnerships Manager

"We have a truly unique product which is a huge leap forward for insurance companies. It is great to be part of that transformation."

Lucile Beaurain

Client Executive

"What I personally like at Akur8 is that we're all coming from very different backgrounds but with the same goal: to invest our time and energy into this great adventure."

Pedro Pereira

Client Executive

"One thing that I like about Akur8 is the diversity of nationalities and languages spoken by our team, which is the reflection of our clients that are located all across the globe."

Marco Banterle

Actuarial Data Scientist

"We work together as a team and everybody's there to support you . But at the same time, you can really feel the impact your own work has on the business."

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80%+ of the insurers who did a pilot with us are using our solution.

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